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P. Albert Comulada - President ~ Broker
Richard Reicher - Commercial Real Estate Broker
M. Paul Comulada - In Memorium

Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Brokerage Corporation.

UNIWEB Commercial is a brokerage firm which specializes in helping owners of commercial properties lease or sell property from 1000 square feet up to several hundred thousand square feet. We also actively search out and locate suitable properties for buyers and tenants throughout Broward, and South Palm Beach Counties in Florida.

UNIWEB Commercial is a "REALTOR" organization and is a member of the prestigious SOCIETY OF COMMERCIAL REALTORS, but UNIWEB Commercial is also very highly respected by the people that matter the most, - UNIWEB's clients. We encourage all our prospective clients to call our past and present clients and ask quite frankly what they think of our service!

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P. Albert Comulada

President and Broker, BA, RECS

P. Albert Comulada is the spearhead behind UNIWEB Commercial Inc. He is responsible for all aspects of its effectiveness. Albert holds an associate degree, a bachelors degree, is a member of the Society of Commercial Realtors and is a Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist. Albert also practices what he preaches. He is an active participant in the company's local real estate brokerage efforts. Albert also has one of the finest records of success in the industry.

Statistically Albert Comulada has one of the highest success ratios for property listed!

This means that, if your property is listed you have a HUGE probability for success.

And the volume has been there also. Total leased or sold property each year generally exceeds 10 million dollars!

Why such a great record of success?

It stems from Albert's business history. For many years Albert owned and operated several successful marketing and advertising companies. This unusual blend of business savvy, marketing skill and experience has produced a broker that knows how to TARGET MARKET a property and consequently complete a transaction fast! This intense advertising and marketing background is a tremendous advantage for those clients using Albert's services.

Just read what some of his CLIENT'S say:

"I am extremely pleased with your real estate service. Not only did you preform a diligent and tireless search to locate a property that fit State Farm's needs, but you also leased out the excess space in record time. The targeted mailing and advertising which you suggested and carried out, obviously worked perfectly. The tenant was in before I was. You represented our interests with tremendous effectiveness, integrity and professionalism. I am pleased with all the elements of the negotiations, even when things got difficult, you kept the deal together by remaining calm and focused. Another broker would find it hard to equal your service. Please do not hesitate to give out my name and number as a reference on your behalf. I welcome the opportunity to elaborate on your superior service."
Mr. David Cooley - President of State Farm Insurance.

"We would like to sy a special thank you for the fantastic job you did selling the warehouses. We think your approach to marketing and selling real estate is extremely innovative and very effective. We really appreciate all of your hard work and professional efforts in getting the warehouses sold in such a very timely fashion."
Austin & Elaine Davis - Commercial Property Owners/Invsestors.

"(Albert's) special style of personal interest in learning about my business, and being extremely meticulous in his work is part of what has contributed to our success in the past eight years."

Mr. Richard Wagner - President of Bayly Inc.

"Mr. Comulada's character, honesty and dependability can be categorized in one word (outstanding)."

Ginger Baker, Owner - Sawgrass Recreation Park, -

"I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is interested in either purchasing or selling a commercial property!"

Dennis A Paul, President - G&M Terrazzo Company, -

Letters and phone numbers on file.
Please E-MAIL Albert, or give him a call, (954) 796-4488.
He is never too busy to return all calls and speak with each person who calls personally!

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Richard (Ricky) Reicher

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Ricky has been a real estate broker since 1986 and has extensive experience in the retail and restaurant end of the business. Ricky has owned restaurants and numerous businesses. Ricky's expertise is in FINDING real estate for tenants and buyers! Ricky is motivated, professional, friendly and - gets the job done! Give Ricky a call if you are looking for any type of real estate to lease or purchase.

Send E-MAIL to Ricky

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In Memorium

M. Paul Comulada


"Knowledge is power and power used positively leads to success in life"
- M. Paul Comulada

Manuel Paul Comulada was born with 3 brothers and 2 sisters and he distinguished himself in many ways. Paul served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and afterwards achieved a doctorate in Juris prudence. He also helped other siblings financially and obtained additional degrees in law, engineering, foreign language, music and held a real estate license. He worked as an engineer, procurement official and attorney for the Navy Dept. for 16 years, and then the FAA as Director of Logistics for 3 years. After his federal service he represented major federal procurement companies in both agency and legal matters such as General Dynamics, Westinghouse to name a few. During his entire working period he received numerous achievement honors, recognition citations, plaques, awards and commendations. But his most memorable trait was his tireless consideration for his family and children. Paul was a devoted father and husband and rarely thought of himself constantly sacrificing for his family. Paul never complained and was tremendously charitable and considerate giving regularly to a wide variety of charities. Paul's passing is devastating to his family and we miss him so very much.

Good bye Dad, We Love you!

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