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UNIWEB Commercial Inc.
Servicing South Florida since 1996

UNIWEB Commercial is a specialized brokerage firm which helps owners of Industrial, Office, Retail and Investment Commercial properties lease or sell property from 1000 square feet up to several hundred thousand square feet. Over the years, we have sold or leased over half a BILLION dollars in properties! We also actively search out and locate suitable properties for buyers and tenants throughout Broward, and South Palm Beach Counties in Florida.

UNIWEB Commercial is a "REALTOR" organization and is a member of the prestigious SOCIETY OF COMMERCIAL REALTORS, but UNIWEB Commercial is also very highly respected by the people that matter the most - Our clients. We encourage all our prospective clients to call our past and present clients and ask quite frankly what they think of our service!

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  • Commercial Property Network Exposure inldg Loopnet, Costar, MLS & others!
  • Dedicated Internet Exposure for your property or search (All with VIDEO tours!)
  • Targeted Marketing and Advertising for YOUR property
  • How you can be a part of the "100% success ratio!"

P. Albert Comulada
President and Broker, BA, SOCR, RECS, Realtor

Albert is the spearhead behind UNIWEB Commercial Inc. He is responsible for all aspects of its effectiveness. Albert holds an associate degree, a bachelor's degree, is a member of the Society of Commercial Realtors and is a Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist. Albert also practices what he preaches. He is an active participant in the company's brokerage efforts. Albert also has one of the finest records of success in the industry.

The success stems from Albert's business background. For many years Albert owned and operated several successful marketing and advertising corporations. This unusual blend of business savvy, marketing skill and experience is instrumental in ensuring that properties are MARKETED properly to complete transactions quickly! This intense advertising and marketing background is a tremendous advantage for property owners.

Richard (Ricky) Reicher
Broker, Realtor

Ricky has been a real estate broker since 1986 and has extensive experience in the retail and restaurant end of the business. Ricky has owned restaurants and numerous businesses. Ricky's expertise is not only selling or leasing property but is in FINDING real estate for tenants and buyers! Ricky is motivated, professional, friendly and - gets the job done! Give Ricky a call if you are looking for any type of real estate to lease, sell or purchase.

M. Paul Comulada -12/15/1921-2/28/2008

"Knowledge is power and power used positively leads to success in life"- M. Paul Comulada

Paul was born with 3 brothers and 2 sisters and served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and afterwards achieved a doctorate in Juris prudence. He also helped his other siblings financially and obtained additional degrees in law, engineering, foreign language, music and held a real estate license. He worked as an engineer, procurement official and attorney for the Navy Dept. for 16 years, and then in the FAA as Director of Logistics for 3 years. After his federal service he represented and advised major federal defense contractors such as General Dynamics, Westinghouse and Lockheed to name a few. During his entire working period he received numerous achievement honors, recognition citations, plaques, awards and commendations. But his most memorable trait was his tireless consideration for his family and children. Paul was a devoted father and husband and rarely thought of himself, yet constantly sacrificed for his family. Paul was tremendously charitable and considerate, and gave regularly to a wide variety of charities. Good bye Dad, We Love you and miss you!